We are super excited to announce that our new Excel add-in is ready and available in Microsoft Store! Feed Alphacast’s Datasets directly into your excel with a single click!

How does it work?

1.Search for “Alphacast” in Microsoft Add-in Store (or click here) and install

2.Click the new “Alphacast” button in the “Data” menu in your excel.

3.Login with your credentials. If you don’t have them please write to hello@alphacast.ioWe are also offering a three months free trial!

4.Search what you need through hundreds of datasets in the add-in. You can also search here

5.Click on the dataset, the data will show up in your current excel cell!

6.You can’t find what you need? Just follow this link, make your custom data request and we will work on it.

Stay Tuned. Many more features are coming down the road!

Happy new year!