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We collect and curate information from hundreds of data sources. Statistical Bureaus, Central Banks, Treasury. Markets, and private sources.
Seasonally adjustment, smoothing, filtering and interpolation, % GDP, currency conversion, constant prices, YoY, MoM, WoW, moving averages and much more.

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Feed data straight into your excel with our Office Add-in. Link to Power BI, Tableau or your Python script with our API. CSV/Excel downloads to update all your workbooks with one click.

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Manage and store your datasets and mix your data with Alphacast DataHub. Upload data straight from Excel or via API.
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High frequency CPI

Million of daily price observations are mined from hundreds of global online retailers. Data is collected from websites all around the world, then pruned, classified, consolidated, and turned into High-Frequency CPI indexes at finger distance. Learn More!

public opinion

Follow public opinion trends between Latin-American countries. We conduct monthly tracking of consumer and government confidence and public figures images with our exclusive online surveys infrastructure. Standardized measures focused on cross country comparisons. Learn More!

Inflation explorer

Homonegeous Consumer Price Indexes metrics & analytics. Core & headline inflation, Tradable & non Tradables, goods & services, Z-scores, Terms of Trade among others. Learn More!


Fiscal data is always a mess! We've collected & standarized fiscal information for Latin American countries. Explore the main fiscal trends and income & expenditure details with our charts and datasets. Debt stocks and profiles, financing needs, by currency and creditor. Historical issuances, Debt Sustaintability Analysis (DSA) and much more.

Macro research

Partering with local providers we offer you access to the best country specific Macroeconomic Research. Reports are leveraged by our interactive charts & datasets. Learn More!

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