After a long period if silent work, we are very excited to have the beta version of our site up and running. Many rough edges are still there, but we where eager to expose our work to the users.

Some active features you will find in the current stage of the site:

  • Interactive charts and explorer
  • Argentina’s High-Frequency CPI: The data of our High-Frequency CPI is available online and updated on a weekly basis. We are working intensively to increase the frequency and coverage of our indexes.
  • Latin America Inflation Explorer: We’ve compiled and estimated homogenous inflation metrics, building up from detailed official inflation data. Core inflation, seasonal, regulated, etc.
  • Latin America Fiscal Explorer: We’ve gathered detailed fiscal information from Latin American countries and constructed comparable fiscal metrics. Lot’s of information can be found on the full dataset
  • Macro research: All the research produced by SEIDO can be found in the Macro research section.
  • Public Opinion Explorers: We have compiled the results of our Latin American public opinion pools, based on out Latin American pooling infrastructure for Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. We will expand the coverage and frequency of our public opinion data.
  • Public Debt: Argentina’s public debt stats are compiled in this section. Comparable data for more countries is on the way.
  • Datasets: All the data can be downloaded in a single click in the datasets available in each section.

Next Steps:

The wishlist is huge and more work in on the way. We hope to work on user feedback in the next weeks to improve usability and solve bugs. We hope to have more news in the coming weeks