Luciano Cohan - Founding Partner - Chief Executive Officer

Luciano is a Senior Argentinian economist, expert in macroeconomic research, and macro-financial strategy. He has 20 years of working experience, 10 in macroeconomic consulting, and served ad Undersecretary of Macroeconomic Planning at Argentina’s National Government in 2017-2018. He previously was a partner at Elypsis and has worked as Research Assistant in multiple international institutions such as the Brookings Institution, the International Development Bank, the World Bank – Development Research Group (DECRG) or the Commission of Studies for America Latina and Caribe (CEPAL-Argentina).

Miguel Angel Saez - Founding Partner - Chief Technological Officer

Miguel Has a B.E in Software Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires. 6+ years CTO experience in startups, leading Software, UX, Product, Hardware and Manufacturing Operations in Asia. Technology Evangelist at Microsoft (2007-2014) driving technology adoption with corporate accounts and Software Engineer at Southworks for Microsoft Corp (2006-2007).

Matias Carugati - Executive Director

Experienced economist with a demonstrated history of working in the banking and consultancy industries. Focus on macroeconomics, econometrics, data science and political analysis.